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New Apple TV 4K Box Improves Processor, Lowers Price to $129

Apple's latest streaming device, available for preorder now, gets the faster A15 Bionic chip, USB-C on the remote for charging and a $50 price cut.

David Katzmaier Editorial Director -- Personal Tech
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David Katzmaier
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The Apple TV 4K streaming box and a TV.

The Apple TV 4K is getting a refresh. The company's newest streaming device is 50% faster, according to Apple, but the biggest improvement to potential buyers will likely be the new, lower price. The 2022 Apple TV 4K starts at $129, which is $50 less than the previous Apple TV 4K, which debuted last year.

On sale Nov. 4, the new Apple TV 4K has an upgraded processor, Apple's A15 Bionic chip, which is more efficient and allows for a smaller physical box. It comes in two configurations, the Apple TV 4K with Wi-Fi at $129 (£149, AU$219) and the Apple TV 4K with Wi-Fi and Ethernet for $149 (£169, AU$249). The base version has 64GB of storage; the more expensive one has 128GB and a wired Ethernet port, which was included in the base model previously. It's also compatible with an additional high dynamic range video format, HDR10 Plus, which joins Dolby Vision and standard HDR10 among the box's video capabilities.

The new Apple TV 4K includes a similar Siri Remote to the last version, but the new remote has a USB-C port for charging, replacing the Lightning port. Apple, however, did not add a remote-finder function, a convenient feature found on remotes from Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

The Apple TV 4K's new Siri remote close-up

The new version of the Siri Remote has USB-C for charging instead of a Lightning port.


Although the new price is lower, it's still more than most competing streamers. The Roku Streaming Stick 4K, Chromecast with Google TV (both $50) and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max ($55), for example, all cost less than half as much as the new Apple TV 4K and offer similar capabilities -- namely voice remotes and the ability to stream Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV Plus and numerous other streaming services in 4K HDR to TVs.

The Apple TV HD, a $149 streamer with a slower processor and no 4K video capability, is no longer on sale at Apple.

Apple TV 4K 2022 with Siri Remote

Preorders are now open for the new Apple TV 4K with prices starting at $129. Devices will begin shipping on Nov. 4.