Netflix wants to help you binge-watch your way through Labor Day. Here's how

The update on your smart TV's Netflix app has new categories that are easy to browse.

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Netflix has new categories to choose from.

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Netflix  has made it easier to find the newest arrivals among its enormous catalog of TV shows and movies. Three new tabs join the app for your smart TV: Brand New, Coming This Week and Coming Next Week. These new categories are designed to make it easier to navigate through the recently added shows and movies.

Normally, you're forced to search through genre categories (e.g. comedies, dramas) in hopes of finding a new release. Now you can see everything new on Netflix and what's to come. If you find a movie or show you'd like to watch that won't be on the streaming service for a week, you can set a reminder from the app to notify you when it's officially ready for viewing.

Here's how to use the new Netflix features.

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1. Open Netflix on your TV.

2. Click on the Latest tab.

3. Scroll through the new Netflix categories -- Brand New, Coming This Week and Coming Next Week. You can watch anything from Brand New immediately.

4. If you find something you'd like to watch that isn't available yet, click the Remind Me button.

5. As soon as the movie or show is available, Netflix will send you a notification so you can start watching.