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LG B8 OLED TV starts at $2100 for 55-inches, making it the cheapest 2018 OLED

The series also includes a 65-incher for $3000.


The elusive LG B8 series OLED TV has quietly reared its head.

The TV costs $2100 for the 55-inch and $3000 for the 65-inch sizes. It's available now at numerous retailers nationwide and online, including Best Buy and Amazon.

The B8 is the cheapest 2018 LG OLED TV yet, undercutting the C8 by $200, but it's still really expensive. Then again, C8 is the best-performing TV CNET has ever tested, with image quality that runs circles around cheaper LCDs like the Samsung Q8 and Sony X900F

The B8 was first announced at CES in January. It should deliver very similar image quality to the C8, but there is a potential difference. The C8 includes LG's Alpha 9 processor, which could lead to some minor improvements. In CNET's comparison between the C8 and 2017 OLEDs however, which also lack that processor, it was really tough to tell the difference.

The B8 also has a different stand than the C8 -- I like the B8's more compact stand better, actually, and it looks identical to the narrower, angled stand on last year's C7 -- and a different cabinet color on the rear. 

My current buying advice is that 2017 OLEDs are better deals than 2018 versions, including the B8, but I'll know more when I get a chance to review the B8.

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