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LG adds Nvidia G-Sync support that turns OLED TVs into gaming monitors

Get ready for big-screen gaming.

LG Nvidia Gsync

LG OLEDs will support Nvidia G-Sync. 


LG's 4K OLED televisions are getting into the game with Nvidia G-Sync support, which will enable the South Korean company's TVs with 55-inch screens and bigger to keep pace with PC games. Nvidia G-Sync is already available on many computer monitors, including 65-inch displays from Acer, HP and Asus, but LG will offer the first OLED TVs featuring the technology.   

An upcoming update for LG's 2019 4K 55- to 75-inch OLED TVs will add Nvidia G-Sync support, the TV maker said Tuesday in a statement. The graphics card maker's technology enables the TVs display to match the frame rates from a gaming computer. This prevents two frames from showing at once, also known as screen tearing. 

The televisions getting the update are the 65- and 55-inch E9 models and the 55-, 65- and 77-inch C9 models.

LG's G-Sync update isn't Nvidia's Ultimate flavor -- that requires DisplayPort -- and instead uses the version of Nvidia's adaptive refresh technology that doesn't need built-in hardware and can work via HDMI. LG's will support only 144Hz in 1080p and 120Hz at 1440p. But it still offers competition for Alienware's expensive upcoming 55-inch OLED gaming monitor, which is based on the same technology from LG.

LG said the Nvidia G-sync update will show up in the coming weeks. 

Originally published on Sept. 10 at 7:11 a.m. PT
Update, 7:41 a.m. PT: Adds background details.