LG Display promises to bring a host of new OLEDs to CES 2020

The new TVs include an updated rollable model that will "roll down" from the ceiling.

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Eli Blumenthal
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LG Display is bringing a host of new screens to CES 2020. 

LG Display

LG 's rollable OLED TV R was a big hit at last year's CES, even though it never quite hit the 2019 release window that was promised. That hasn't stopped LG Display from announcing Thursday that it will be bringing a host of new OLED displays to this year's CES, which starts next week in Las Vegas. 

As part of a host of new screens, LG Display says it will have OLEDs designed to cover walls of airplanes that it says are "enabling people to feel more openness in the narrow space of an enclosed cabin." 

It will also have a 55-inch Full HD Transparent OLED display with 40% transparency "for use as a partition in the cabin," a 65-inch Ultra HD Bendable OLED display that can be controlled to bend at either end and a 13.3-inch Plastic OLED tablet.

Transparent, plastic and rollable OLEDs will also be shown off for use in offices or cars.

For home use, LG says it will have updates to its ultra-thin "wallpaper" OLEDs, including an 88-inch 8K Cinematic Sound OLED display with an 11.2-channel sound system. These OLEDs generate sound directly from the display, but how that will sound compared to a more traditional setup remains to be seen. 

LG's OLED TV R could rise from a base when needed. 

GIF by Juan Garzon/CNET

A 65-inch UHD Roll-Down OLED display will also be shown off. Unlike last year's OLED TV R (above), which rose up from a soundbar base to become a TV when you want it and retracted when you didn't, the roll-down display functions like a projector screen that drops from the ceiling though as the screen is OLED there is no need for any external projector. 

A 48-inch traditional OLED will also be shown off, a first for LG, which has traditionally released OLEDs in larger 55-, 65-, 77- or 88-inch models. 

While all the displays look like promising advancements, LG Display did not reveal when any of the new screens might become available or what they'll cost.