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LG 4K resolution OLED TV coming next year

LG's 4K resolution OLED TV is promised for next year, with double the resolution of current TVs and superbly vivid colour.

LG is a busy bee at the moment, with fresh display news cropping up faster than we can write about it. This time, the Korean giant has let slip it's launching 4K resolution OLED TVs in 2013. Colour us high-definition excited.

4K screens might not be new -- you can find them in good cinemas with digital projectors -- but they've yet to make their way into our high street tech shops. LG, however, hopes to be the first to flog you a 4K telly some time in 2013, our buddies at CNET Asia reports.

The term '4K' refers to the 4,000 pixels on the horizontal axis of a screen and is roughly double that currently on offer from existing 'Full HD' (1,920x1,080p) TVs.

The OLED part is particularly exciting too, as LG has just finished showing off its new OLED TV in Monaco. OLED TVs don't use the same backlighting found on most LCD screens, which results in much deeper black levels which in turn allows for a stunning contrast ratio.

We've seen OLED screens on smaller devices like phones and tablets and marvelled at the bold colours and rich contrast, so it's great to see the technology put to use on a bigger screen -- although the £8,000 price tag wasn't as welcome.

A 4K resolution OLED TV, then, would provide not only stunning colours and contrast, but also resolution so sharp that you're in danger of hurting your retinas.

Sadly for the moment, most video isn't filmed in 4K -- that's still very much the territory of cameras like Red's Epic, among a few elite others -- but once 4K starts to enter the mainstream, you can bet film-makers worldwide will quickly start catching up.

LG hasn't said anything concrete about particular models, release dates or indeed prices so we'll have to dream about the specifics until more details start to flutter out next year.

Until then, check out our full preview of LG's current OLED TV and let me know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page whether you'd be happy to splash nearly 10 grand on a new telly.