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LG 2018 TVs tap Google Assistant, Alexa for voice control

LG has announced that its high-end 2018 TVs will include voice control via Google Assistant built in and Amazon Echo skills, too.

LG's 2018 TVs include built-in Google Assistant, as well as compatibility with Amazon Alexa.

LG has announced that select 2018 televisions will feature Google Assistant built in, which will enable users to issue voice commands directly via the remote.

LG's "Intelligent Voice Control with Integrated Google Assistant" will enable users to control numerous functions on the TV, as well as search from information taken from the Electronic Program Guide (EPG). LG says users will be able to issue commands such as "search for the soundtrack of this movie" or "turn off the TV when this program is over". The TV's Google Assistant also allows control of compatible smart home devices and streaming audio products.

And if you happen to own a Google Home speaker you can control the TV via voice, no remote required. You can even turn it on and off with a voice command.

LG says the TV will be compatible with Amazon Echo devices as well, thanks to an Alexa skill, although commands will be more limited, and power on/off won't be supported. Using the voice remote, the TV can control LG's own ThinQ products as well.

Competitor Sony added Google Assistant capabilities to its televisions in November 2017, which also used the remote control's microphone. Sony sets also work with Alexa, thanks to a beta app.

While both Samsung and LG experimented with gesture control several years ago, a lack of industry standards and a generally slow user experience helped seal the fate of the technology. However with years of experience behind them, in addition to definitive standards, both Amazon and Google should be able to ensure voice assistants are here to stay.