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Let Dolly Parton read you a bedtime story on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The Goodnight With Dolly video series starts Thursday, April 2. Children of all ages are welcome.

To many kids, Dolly Parton isn't a legendary singer/songwriter or country music royalty but simply the nice lady that sends them a book each month. Through her Imagination Library book-gifting program, Parton has sent free books to millions of preschool kids around the world. And starting this Thursday, Parton will read kids a bedtime story in a new video series she's calling Goodnight With Dolly. Anxious adults during the time of coronavirus, of course, can also settle in for a bedtime story with Dolly Parton.

The Goodnight With Dolly series begins Thursday, April 2 at 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT). We will get a new bedtime story from Dolly each Thursday for 10 weeks. Titles will include "The Little Engine That Could" and "Llama Llama Red Pajama" as well as a couple of Dolly's own children's books, "I Am a Rainbow" and "Coat of Many Colors."

You can watch Goodnight With Dolly videos on Parton's Imagination Library YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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In between Parton's weekly bedtime story, may I suggest a podcast that can help you fall asleep? It certainly helps my wife and me drift off to slumberland. It's called Nothing Much Happens. You'll be told a bedtime story that is soothing and peaceful where, yes, nothing much happens.