JVC LT-42DS9: Zomg! Look how thin it is!

If you're into thin, we can't help but think you'll get very excited when you see the JVC LT-42DS9, which is thin in every dimension

Ian Morris
2 min read

Here in the Crave office, we love thin. Sadly, today is Cake Thursday and that means our careful calorie management is about to need some creative accounting. To make us feel even more bloated, JVC is making some TVs that look like they've never clapped screens on a fondant fancy, let alone wolfed down a massive chunk of lemon drizzle before lunch.

The LT-42DS9 really is remarkable. Not only does it have a tiny bezel around the screen, but it's also diminutive in its depth too. It's both thin and shallow, much like Steve Jones. But there's more to the DS9 than its dimensions -- it's also a 1080p panel capable of displaying those trendy, all-the-rage 24p pictures.

The JVC can take your signals in a number of ways: there are three HDMI inputs, which is a sensible number for the high-definition lifestyle we're all leading these days. You'll also find a pair of those Scart inputs we love to hate, but are essential for connecting older equipment. You'll also find component inputs for older HD sources, and there's a digital audio output for bunging out sound to an AV receiver.

The TV also has JVC's DynaPix HD Picture Engine processing, which promises to make sure your content looks stunning on the TV. It goes without saying we'll be putting that to the test in a full review very soon.

Sniffing around online, we've seen the 42DS9 available for around £1,200 or so, which puts it in the same price range as the high-end Toshiba Regza 40ZF355D we've recently been salivating over. If you want thin, it seems, you have to pay a little bit more. Pass the cake knife. –Ian Morris

Update: Read our full JVC LT-42DS9 review here.