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JVC DLA-HD1 projector: Vast contrast

JVC's new 1080p high-definition projector claims to have the industry's highest contrast ratio. It looks rather stylish, too

High definition may be breathing new life into nature documentaries and sports programmes, but it's films that are really being resuscitated by the new technology, especially now that 'Full HD' (ie 1080p) content from next-generation DVD players has arrived.

Crave seen an influx of hi-def projectors that bring high-definition performance to the big screen -- sending film enthusiasts into a frenzy and increasing the demand for dark curtains and warm, foetid home cinemas.

JVC's latest projector, the DLA-HD1, is a 1080p projector that claims to have the industry's highest contrast ratio (without using an iris mechanism) of 15,000:1. The ability to display true blacks without losing brightness often separates the best projectors from the rest.

Although we're not sure what means of measurement have been used to calculate this incredible figure, JVC claims it's achieved it using two state-of-the-art technologies. The first is the latest 'Full HD' (1,920x1,080-pixel) chipset, which reduces stray light and uses liquid crystals to flatten the gaps between pixels. The second is a new optical engine that increases light polarisation and prevents light leaking from the lens.

A large-diameter, all-glass lens is designed to enhance high-resolution detail and features a 2x zoom mechanism that means you can display images up to 100 inches (diagonally), even in comparatively small spaces.

There's also high-end video processing that provides accurate reproduction of true high-definition content and allows standard-definition images to be upscaled as high as 1080p.

Finished in glossy white, it shouldn't look out of place in a living room and the front-fan cooling system offers more flexible positioning. There's a full range of connectivity, including dual HDMI and component inputs. Convenient video adjustments and a glow-in-the-dark remote make the the DLA-HD1 user-friendly.

The DLA-HD1 is expected to be released in the UK early next year at an estimated price of £3,500. -RA