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JB Hi-Fi offering AU$1500 discount on Hisense 4K TV

The retailer has knocked AU$1501 off the price of the 65-inch Hisense Ultra HD TV, making it the cheapest 4K model currently in the market.

TCL announced this morning that it would be selling its 55-inch Ultra HD TV for AU$4999, making it the lowest RRP for 4K in Australia.

(Screenshot via Nic Healey/CNET)

However, as was pointed out to CNET Australia via reader comments, JB Hi-Fi is selling the Hisense Ultra HD TV for just AU$4998 — and that's the 65-inch model according to the website.

The recommended retail price for the 65-inch XT880 Ultra HD TV from Hisense is AU$6499. In fact, the JB Hi-Fi price is actually AU$1001 less than the RRP on the 58-inch version of the XT880, which Hisense lists at AU$5999.

CNET Australia contacted a JB Hi-Fi sales representative who confirmed the price on the website as being accurate.

Andre Iannuzzi, head of marketing for Hisense, told CNET Australia:

As a manufacturer Hisense provide Recommended Retail Prices, however they are just that — recommended. Australian retailers have the ability to sell products at prices that suit their businesses.

Of the six stores listed in the "Where to Buy" section of the Hisense website, JB Hi-Fi appears to be the only retailer currently listing the Ultra HD line up from the manufacturer on its website.

The low price from JB Hi-Fi does seem to make the 65-inch XT880 the cheapest Ultra HD TV in Australia by a significant margin, being AU$4001 less than 65-inch models from LG or Sony.