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Humax LP40-TDR1: The TV that swallowed a PVR

Save space by getting a nice flat screen, save even more by getting a TV with a Freeview PVR built in -- Humax has a viable offering

What's under your television? We'll wager that you could list a whole bunch of stuff -- perhaps a Freeview PVR, DVD player, games console and some dust. Isn't it about time we started to reduce the number of boxes heating up the environment with their evil, polluting ways?

Humax has a helpful suggestion: pop a Freeview PVR into the same case as a television. You could save a bit of space and cut down on the number of red lights staring up at you from the corner of your lounge.

The good news is that the LP40-TDR1 comes with all the cool things you'd get in two separate boxes. The PVR has a 160GB hard drive, allowing you to store nearly 100 hours of television. It also has two tuners, so you can watch one channel and record another. The television is equipped with a 40-inch LCD screen, as well as the usual connections. We are a little disappointed that it only has one HDMI input -- somewhat slack in these days of high definition.

Humax is also promising Picture in Picture (PiP) and split-screen viewing with the LP40-TDR1, both handy for when you want to keep an eye on two things at once. This model also features the traditional method of choosing and recording programmes from the eight-day EPG. If this is anything like the system used in the company's standalone PVRs we'll be very happy with it.

The LP40-TDR1 goes on sale soon and will be priced at £1,200, which is just a tad more than Humax's 32-inch screen.

So, now we've told you how to ditch one of those boxes under your TV, perhaps it's also time we revealed how to remove the dust that surrounded it. Scientific advances have apparently led to something called a 'duster' -- we have it on good authority that this new high-tech device will help reduce those annoying dusty patches. -IM