Google TV headed to the UK

Google could be bringing Google TV -- its service for sticking the Web in your telly -- to the UK within the next six months.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Google could be bringing Google TV to the good ol' U of K within the next six months, the Telegraph reports.

Google TV is built on Google's own Android operating system, and will basically put the Chrome Web browser inside your TV, letting you search the Web and stream video from TV providers, or watch your own videos.

Google TV lets you run Android apps on your TV, something we suspect has huge potential. Imagine a spot of Angry Birds on a massive screen, for example, or having Spotify streaming over your telly during a crazy party.

The service runs through a set-top box, but in the US Sony sells TVs with Google TV built-in. We'd love to see some of these heading to the UK in the near future, so we'll be keeping a close eye during IFA, the big tech conference in Germany that kicks off next week.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt is giving a lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival this evening, so we could hear more then.

Previously we thought Google TV would never find a home among our dark, satanic mills -- the Big G said it had "no plans beyond the US" in May last year. But maybe, just maybe, Google has seen fit to spread the love around. We suspect we'll be hearing more shortly.

The concept of streaming video through your telly is nothing new -- loads of set-top boxes and TVs already offer services such as YouTube and BBC iPlayer. But we'd hope one from Google would be easier to use than most, and would feature more delicious video content.

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