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Get a Samsung 40-inch HDTV and $125 Dell gift card for $328

If you're in the market for this size TV anyway, why not score a big helping of Dell gravy while you're at it? Plus: an iPhone with a free year of service!

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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I live in a modest-size house, and certain rooms -- bedrooms in particular -- just can't accommodate super-big TVs. I also earn a modest-size income, which similarly doesn't accommodate super-big TVs.

That's why I enjoy deals like this one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Dell has the Samsung UN40H5003AF 40-inch LED HDTV for $327.99 shipped (plus tax in some states). That's the same price you'd pay at Amazon and elsewhere, but here you also score a $125 (!) Dell gift card. (You'll see it when you reach the checkout page.)

Update: Sorry to say it looks like both the deal price and gift-card offer have expired.

True to its price, this is a fairly no-frills TV. It's not "smart," and it comes with just two HDMI inputs. Nevertheless, it earned a 4.2-star average from over 200 Amazon buyers, and Samsung's own product page reveals a 4.7-star average from nearly 50 buyers.

(Side note: Many of the bad Amazon reviews are because the TV arrived damaged. I'm not sure why poor handling by the shipper merits a one-star rating for the TV, but there you go.)

One thing that's not immediately clear: refresh rate. Amazon lists it at 60Hz native, 120Hz "effective," while Samsung refers to its own "Motion Rate 60" spec (because apparently refresh rates aren't confusing enough already). A 60Hz TV won't produce the dreaded soap-opera effect. If this TV does, you can almost certainly turn off whatever motion-enhancement feature is causing it.

As for the gift card, it'll arrive via email 10-20 days after your purchase. Tablet, anyone? Printer? A second monitor? That $125 credit may just score you a sweet freebie, or at least seriously defray the cost of something more expensive.

Are there cheaper 40-inch TVs out there? Absolutely. But they're usually off-brand models, and that just doesn't sit well with some buyers. Samsung is, needless to say, fairly well known. Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Not everyone wants a big phone, and no one wants to pay a hefty monthly fee. Here's a deal that satisfies both, er, non-wants: StackSocial has the refurbished iPhone 5 (16GB) and one year of service for $269.99 shipped. That's after applying coupon code SKATEPHONE10 at checkout. That service includes unlimited calling and messaging, and 500MB of LTE data.

However, there are a few caveats: 1-2 weeks for delivery, no refunds, and service via Sprint-powered FreedomPop (which has been decidedly hit-and-miss among Cheapskate readers). Even so, I've never seen a lower total cost of ownership for an iPhone. Might be the perfect option for, say, an iPhone-hungry teen.