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Get a Roku Streaming Stick Plus for $48

Why wait for Black Friday? Best Buy is already offering a killer deal on this 5-star 4K streamer. Plus: games!

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Roku Streaming Stick Plus
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Announcements! First, here's wishing you a safe and happy Thanksgiving! I'll be back here on Friday with a roundup of my top Black Friday deals. Second, tune in Monday for the CNET Holiday Buyer's Guide Live, in which yours truly will be slinging some exclusive deals!

Speaking of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they always bring good deals on Roku streamers -- but why wait?

For a limited time, Best Buy has the Roku Streaming Stick Plus for $48 shipped (plus tax). It normally runs $70 and is expected to be on sale for $50 during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday bonanza. (Amazon just matched the price. But, really, do we have to buy everything from Amazon?)

Here's what's interesting about the Streaming Stick Plus: It may just be the best Roku ever. CNET awarded it a very rare five stars. Some 60 Best Buy customers collectively rated it 4.8 stars. Seems like everybody loves this stick of streaming goodness.

With good reason: It supports both 4K and HDR video (never mind that there's almost no 4K or HDR content to be had). It offers arguably the best UI of any streamer. It's lightning-fast. And it has by far the best remote.

That remote is notable not just for its push-button voice control, but also its TV-power and volume buttons -- meaning you can finally stop juggling two clickers. It also has shortcut buttons to take you directly to Netflix, Hulu, Sling and PlayStation Vue. (Sadly, the remote lacks a headphone jack, which only the Roku Ultra offers anymore.)

There's not much more to say. If you've been looking for a Roku upgrade or just want more/better/faster smarts than what's already built into your TV, the Streaming Stick Plus is a compelling buy at $48. It's not likely to show up any cheaper this year.

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Game time! Get ready for a blast from the past: GOG is giving away copies of the classic third-person shooter MDK. (You'll need a GOG account, also free.) Regular price: $10.

My word, can this game really be 20 years old? That makes me... uh, never mind. I just remember loving MDK's freewheeling action and refreshing sense of humor. If you're not sure whether it's your cup of tea, check out GameSpot's review of MDK. (TL;DR: It's "frequently fun, sometimes frustrating, full of surprises, and visually stunning.")


For just $5, the Valve Steam Link stream's your PC game library to your TV. (Controller not included.)

Nate Ralph/CNET

Bonus deal 2: Speaking of games, ever wish you could stream your PC's library to your big-screen TV? You can, thanks to the Valve Steam Link, which GameStop has on sale for just $4.99. Originally $50(!), this little box works best when connected to your home network via Ethernet -- but it does support wireless streaming as well. From there you can use just about any game-console controller.

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