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From spinning disks to streaming series, see how TV tech evolved

It's the medium that made the world a smaller place. Now, in two installments, CNET presents the illustrious history of TV tech.

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How did television progress from spinning mechanical disks to streaming "House of Cards"? In CNET's two-part history of TV tech, you can find out. Just hit play on the videos above to find out.

Published over several weeks but collected here for your convenience, Adventures in Tech's two-parter begins with TV's first format war -- the battle over whether television would be a mechanical process or an electronic one.

From there you'll see the proliferation of broadcast TV, the fight for control of colour, the home-recording revolution and much, much more.

Today television is undergoing its most radical shift yet, as the Internet changes the way we enjoy our moving pictures. Despite all the change, however, television itself shows no signs of waning. We might be watching our favourite programmes from smartphones or years after their original broadcast, but the medium itself has never been stronger.

How do you watch TV today? What are your earliest televised memories? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, on our Facebook wall or let me know on Twitter.

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