When you're filthy stinking rich, dreaming up inventive new ways to blow your wealth is a full-time job. Some people buy yachts, others buy entire islands -- but if you're New York car collector Peter Kalikow, you pay Ferrari to build you a one-off supercar called the Superamerica 45. Like a boss.

Obviously, convincing Ferrari to build you a bespoke vehicle doesn't come cheap -- quite the contrary. Ferrari says this kind of loving will set you back "several million euros", and they'll only consider it if you're a very loyal customer.

Krakow's loyalty was never in question. He'd requested the Superamerica 45 to help him celebrate the 45th anniversary of buying his first ever Ferrari, so all he had to do was draw a few sketches of what he wanted, pick up the phone to Maranello and make it rain.

At first glance, the Superamerica 45, which is based on the Ferrari 599, looks pretty familiar. It ditches the cloth roof seen on the 599 SA Aperta (which limited that car to 100mph when deployed) for a carbon-fibre rotating roof that doesn't restrict top speed. This addition, we're told, improves the car's aerodynamic efficiency and provides proper protection against even the most sideways of rain.

Peter also specified blue paint and wheels to match the colour of his own production model 400 Superamerica cabriolet. He then ditched the chrome rear buttresses seen on the 599 SA Aperta for body-coloured rear buttresses that are integrated into the rear wheel arch. For good measure he flung on a chrome front grille and polished aluminium windscreen pillars, wing mirrors and door handles.

No mechanical upgrades were featured in the car -- not because Kalikow couldn't afford them, but because Ferrari doesn't allow it. That's of little consequence, however, as the car uses the 670bhp engine from the 599 GTO, so it should go like stink off a newborn's nappy, achieving 0-60mph in around 3.3 seconds and a top speed in the region of 208mph.

Have a look through our gallery above and let us know if you think it was worth the time, effort and money. When you're done, read and watch reviews of the Ferrari 599, and our video hands-on with the 599 SA Aperta.

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