Remember that gorgeous Ferrari 599 SA Aperta we teased you with earlier this week? We've just gone hands on with it at the 2010 Paris Motor Show and we're happy to report that this car is even more beautiful in the flesh metal.

We were already big fans of the coupé version, but this limited-edition, roofless roadster turns heads like almost nothing else here in Paris. That red coachwork looks especially gorgeous alongside the silver detailing on the windscreen, the fins behind the passenger cabin, the silver alloy wheels and the headlights.

The Aperta crouches lower to the ground than any other Ferrari, giving it a more aggressive look and better aerodynamic efficiency. Its low-slung windscreen, in particular, should help it cut through the air with the minimum of resistance.

Unfortunately, that windscreen is just about the only thing separating you from the elements. The car is designed to be driven primarily with the top down. Even though it has a clip-on soft top, it's only guaranteed to stay attached at speeds of up to 120kmph. The advice Ferrari gave us was that users shouldn't even bother with the roof. If it rains, Ferrari recommends you leave the top down and drive faster to avoid getting soaked.

It's just as well, then, that the car features water-resistant seats and the sort of engine that can leave Mother Nature and her water-spewing tendencies for dead. Ferrari isn't quoting any official performance figures, but the car uses the same 670bhp engine as the mental Ferrari 599 GTO, which does 0-60mph in a mere 3.3 seconds and can hit 217mph. The gap where the roof should be will slow this car down a tad, but the Aperta will still be quicker than almost any other roadster.

Sadly, we won't be seeing much of this car on the road. It's being built to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Pininfarina design company, and only 80 examples will be built, all of which have already been sold.

Don't complain too much, though -- we've brought you these pretty pictures in our photo gallery so you can still get an eyeful. Don't say we've never done you a solid.

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Ferrari says this is its lowest-slung car ever.
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It's also the fastest roadster the company's ever built, thanks to its 670bhp V12 engine.
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The car has a clip-on roof, but this is only guaranteed to stay attached to the vehicle at speeds of up to 120kmph.
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Inside, the Aperta is pretty much identical to the standard 599 coupé. It does, however, feature water-resistant leather seats.
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Only 80 examples of this car will be built.
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