The trend for ridiculous face furniture for cars shows no signs of abating. Hot on the heels of Carlashes (eyelashes you attach to your car headlights) comes Carstaches -- "automotive facial hair" that makes your car look like Hulk Hogan or Tom Selleck hella stupid.

Carstaches, created by a California-based company of the same name, are designed to add a dose of masculinity to your beloved ride. Each 'stache is 34 inches in length, made of acrylic faux fur with polyester stuffing, and attaches to your car's grille via three rubber wires.

Carstaches all have the same basic design, which means no Hulk-style goatee or giant Gandalf beard. They do come in a range of garish colours though, so you can still stand out from the tash-wearing masses. The company currently offers classic black, Firestache orange, Legendary blond, So Hot pink and Wisdom grey, which, according to the website, "bequeaths your car with a sophistication far beyond its years".

Sadly, cars without front grilles are currently incompatible with the Carstaches mounting mechanism. As a result, anyone with a Porsche or a New Beetle won't be able to enjoy the public ridicule, rapidly overheating engines and increased likelihood of car vandalism that will likely come with each Carstache.

Being the fashion gurus we are, Crave is leaning more towards Carlashes than Carstaches, but there are plenty that disagree. Let us know what you prefer in the comments section below, or head over to to vote on which of these vehicular hair pieces should reign supreme.

Carstaches are available now from for a very reasonable $39 (£24).

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Carstaches are available in a range of colours, including Legendary blond.
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Senior citizens should opt for this Wisdom grey model, which gives your car the distinguished look of a retired army colonel.
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The less said about this one the better.
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