Car modification is nothing new. Boy racers pimp their rides with alloy wheels, tasteless men dangle dog testicles from the backs of their cars and every year, the entire British nation sticks red noses to their bonnets in the name of charity.

All of these things pale in comparison, however, to the jaw-dropping awesomeness that is Car Lashes -- eyelashes for your car. No, seriously. Not only do they exist, but someone's actually flogging them online for $24.99 (£16.24) a pop.

Available from the fashionistas over at, the flexible plastic protrusions are designed to be the ultimate in feminine style -- we think. They can be fitted to just about any type of headlights using double-sided tape and, once attached, you can even spruce them up with an optional crystal "eye liner" for added hilarity.

They're a million miles away from the sort of high-tech car accessories we'd normally make a beeline for, but there's something about these bizarre add-ons that compelled us to share them with you (thanks, Dub Daily!).

What do you think? Are they completely pointless or are they a harmless means of expressing your inner doofus? Hit play on the embedded video below and -- once you've finished rolling on the floor laughing -- let us know what you think in the comments below.

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This Jeep was once fairly manly. But then someone invented Car Lashes.
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Judging by the expression on this Caddy's grill, it's not too pleased with its new make-up.
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They actually look quite cute on this New Beetle, but that's no surprise because the had a goofy-looking grill to start with.
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This lady's very pleased with her eyelashes. And her car's.
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This lady's so excited, not only forgotten it's illegal to drink and drive, she's also forgotten her trousers.
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