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Tesla Model Y Standard Range scrapped due to low range, Elon Musk says

According to the Tesla CEO, it would have gone under 250 miles to a full charge.

Production Tesla Model Y

Before the Tesla Model Y Standard Range even approached production, the electric carmaker pulled the plug.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter this weekend to dish out some Model Y news, and for those ready for the company's cheapest electric SUV, it's gone. Musk specifically said the automaker no longer plans to build the Standard Range variant, which was scheduled for production sometime in 2021. Why? Musk said it would have returned under 250 miles of range, according to an EPA estimate. That wasn't good enough for him.

There will be a cheaper option to come, however. Instead of a Model Y Standard Range to provide something more affordable, Tesla plans to build a Model Y Long Range RWD with a single motor. Musk followed up in another tweet saying the Long Range RWD "improves affordability, while still keeping the product excellent."

It's not clear how many reservations Tesla held for the Model Y Standard Range, nor what will become of those who had their heart set on one. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for additional information.

As for when we'll see the Model Y Long Range RWD, and how far it will go, Musk said the SUV should enter production "in a few months" and its EPA-estimated range should climb far past 300 miles. Right now, the Model Y Performance boasts a 315-mile estimated range. Dropping the all-wheel-drive system should make the RWD model a thrifty thing.

While the Standard Range was meant to start under $40,000, this new Long Range RWD will be a fairly frugal alternative. When asked if buyers should expect a $45,000 starting price, Musk tweeted a set of emoji eyes (👀), which we take to mean that'll be almost right on the money.

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