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Tesla Model Y returns a stellar range rating

The electric SUV is also the most efficient vehicle in its class with a 121-mpge rating.

Tesla scores another range victory.

The Tesla Model Y Performance variant will go 315 miles on a single charge. There you have it, EV fans.

Not only will the Model Y go 315 miles, but it will do so while achieving an estimated average 121 miles per gallon equivalent, the EPA said this week in final estimates. Tesla's upcoming electric SUV will be king of the hill with its 121 mpge rating, which bests the former top dog, the Hyundai Kona Electric at 120 mpge. Winning is winning, as they say.

The final certification of 315 miles of range also makes good on Tesla's promise to give the EV more range ahead of its big launch next month. At the vehicle's debut, Tesla issued some rather tame range estimates and said the range-topping Model Y would do under 300 miles on a full charge, perhaps just 280 miles.

"Continued engineering progress of the Model Y all-wheel drive" is to thank for the added range, Tesla said during its fourth-quarter earnings call in January.

What that means for the standard Model Y, we don't know. This dual-motor AWD version will sit atop the vehicle's hierarchy, just as Tesla positions the Model 3. For some comparison, the dual-motor Model 3 will go 322 miles, while the single-motor, rear-wheel-drive version will go 250 miles. It's likely a safe guess that the entry-level Model Y Standard Range will achieve a similar range, unless Tesla has more surprises ahead.

We'll see the Model Y Performance and Long Range variants start rolling off the production line next month, while the Standard Range version is scheduled for production in 2021.

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