Tesla Model 3: The best EV to buy, according to Consumer Reports

The Model 3's had a rocky relationship with CR, but this year, it's a top choice.

Safe, reliable and fun; CR says it has all the ingredients for a top pick.
Nick Miotke/Roadshow

Tesla's reliability questions have long lead to numerous ups and downs, but it's safe to say the electric carmaker found its footing. For 2020, Consumer Reports named the Tesla Model 3 one of its best cars to buy for the year.

That, readers, is a big accomplishment. It's doubly big if you've followed the twists and turns of reliability rankings CR dished out for the Model 3 in the past. Just last year, CR declared it would no longer name the electric sedan as a "Recommended" model over reliability concerns. Today, the publication and organization cited improved reliability, "invigorating performance" and a "high-tech vibe" to give this EV the nod.

The Model 3 specifically took top honors for the best electric car to buy, but nevertheless, it ranks among good company. It also left other established rivals in the rearview, such as the Chevrolet Bolt EV, Nissan Leaf and the Hyundai Kona Electric. To even be considered as a Top Pick, vehicles must hold a "Recommended" rating and include forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection as standard gear.

Outside of the EV space, the publication named nine other winners for various segments. Notable takeaways include the Toyota Prius as the hybrid pick, the Kia Telluride for the top three-row SUV and the Toyota Supra in the sports car segment. Honda also notched a win with its Ridgeline pickup for best compact truck.

Additional winners include:

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