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Nissan Frontier pickup teased as part of new vehicle onslaught

It'll house a new V6 engine that Nissan just plopped into the current Frontier.

Nissan Frontier teaser
Hello, new Frontier!
YouTube screencap

Nissan on Thursday delivered its turnaround plan for the world to digest, but at the same time, the company showed it has a lot in the pipeline. That includes a new Nissan Z sports car.

But, we also saw numerous other cars teased in an official Nissan video, including the next Frontier. In the cleverly titled "From A to Z" video, the Frontier shows up in the shadows. It also shows up as the third vehicle from the left at the 42-second mark, but it still doesn't give away a whole lot. We do know the truck will be entirely new and it looks like it won't share much with the midsize Navarra pickup sold in other countries. In fact, the Frontier looks a smidge larger.

One solid fact is the engine that will power the new Frontier: a 3.8-liter V6. Nissan actually decided to drop the new engine into the current-generation Frontier just because and we actually found it do be a delight in our recent review. The rest of the old Frontier isn't spectacular, though. 

The new, modern truck and the wonderful powertrain could make for a really stellar pickup, but we'll have to wait until Nissan's ready to show more. Nissan told Roadshow the video previews new vehicles coming through 2023 and it's not clear when we'll see each debut.

Aside from the Frontier and Z, the video also shows off the electric Ariya SUV, Armada, Kicks, Pathfinder and Rogue. Each of these should be green-lit for the US.

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