Nissan Ariya electric SUV likely leaked in patent images

We know Nissan planned to pursue a production version and it looks like the design will be a very similar to the concept.

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Nissan Ariya Concept
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Nissan Ariya Concept

It was a handsome concept and should look good as a production car, too.


Boy, we've seen a lot of leaks surrounding recently. First it was patent images of the next Rogue, then it was legitimate photos of the Rogue from digital Nissan marketing material, and now it looks like the firm's next electric car is the subject of a new leak.

That'd be the production Nissan Ariya concept, which showed up in patent images over the weekend. The Instagram account car_secrets posted the photos on Sunday, and for what it's worth, it's the same account that leaked the purported Rogue photos. Judging by the photos, the production Ariya will be a near spitting image of the concept we saw at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

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Nothing seems totally redone in these images, save for some expected tweaks for a production car. It seems like there are new light accents in the front bumper, the lower part of the grille features some elements akin to production, rather than the show car, and the side profile reveals the flap for a charging point on the driver's side. Caps for parking sensors and a tow hook also appear in these patent photos, lending credibility to the fact these pictures provide a good look at the production car.

Nissan's particularly proud of the front grille, which will translate to production. The automaker previously said this piece will house the Ariya's array of driver-assist features in a discreet manner. It even came up with a nifty name for the piece: the Tech Shield. The design and engineering feat isn't totally new, but it's starting to become more widespread and trickle down from luxury cars to more affordable vehicles.

Nissan didn't immediately return a request for comment on these images, but don't expect the company to speak about a future vehicle -- let alone a big vehicle launch for the brand. This will be the automaker's second electric car after years of learnings from the Leaf hatchback. We'll likely see the electric SUV debut late this year or sometime next year.

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