Ford Bronco Sport photos show different grille treatments

Spy photos show the new SUV taking a rest as drivers made a pit-stop for lunch.

Sean Szymkowski
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Bronco Sport spy photo

Different grilles appear part of the package.

Bronco Sport Forum

Hey, look, it's more photos of the Ford Bronco Sport we're not supposed to see yet. These new pictures come courtesy of a Bronco Sport Forum user, and there's one glaring thing on display: different front grilles.

The forum's been alive with information about different types of grille treatments Ford has planned for the Bronco Sport, which will supposedly give you the choice of different looks. In these photos, although the SUVs are still camouflaged during a Wendy's break, it's easy to see two different grille types in the front. The Bronco Sport on the left appears to house a sleeker grille with one piece of camouflage covering it. The one on the right looks like it has some more complex looks going on, perhaps a retro-inspired design.

Ford Bronco Sport spy photo

That's a very bright yellow color.

Bronco Sport Forum

While the photos don't seem to give anything else away, the door open in the second photo underscores the bright color palette Ford supposedly has planned for the small SUV. According to the forum user, this bright yellow hue will be called Cyber Orange Pearl.

Ford declined to comment on any rumored information.

Speaking of a reveal, it's not entirely clear when we'll see the Bronco Sport. The model was supposedly going to show up at the now-postponed New York Auto Show . The show was scheduled for last month, but the coronavirus pandemic punted the show dates until August. A separate report declared Ford delayed Bronco Sport production amid the pandemic and the SUV won't begin rolling off the assembly line until until early September -- about 60 days later than Ford originally wanted.

All the while, the world still waits to see the return of the Bronco itself. Media previews were canned in March as the pandemic began to shake up virtually every industry, but Ford maintains the off-road SUV will still bow this spring. Sticking to that timeline, we should see the new Bronco before June 20.

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First published May 4.