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Ford Bronco Sport production in Mexico delayed, report says

The smaller Bronco sibling will reportedly miss its original target date by 60 days.

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Thus far, this is the most Ford itself has shown of the Bronco Sport, and this picture was distributed ages ago. Guess we might be waiting a little longer to see the real deal.


The coronavirus has wreaked havoc within the automotive industry, spurring a number of plant shutdowns and delays while society grips with the methods we have available to fight the virus. Not only does this mean current cars are getting delayed in production, it means future vehicles might not show up on time, either.

upcoming small SUV the Bronco Sport is staring down a 60-day delay in production, Automotive News reports, citing comments between Ford and its suppliers. The assembly process, which will take place at Ford's facility in Hermosillo, Mexico, is now reportedly slated to start in early September, about two months after the initially planned beginning of production in July.

Ford did not immediately return a request for comment. The automaker did reply to AN, but its statement only said that the automaker does not discuss future products. OEMs routinely decline to discuss vehicles that haven't debuted yet, even if everybody knows they're coming, as is the case with the compact SUV that will slot beneath the big-boy Bronco.

The Bronco Sport was originally reported as having its unveil at the New York Auto Show , which typically takes place in April. But the show has been delayed this year on account of the coronavirus, which has hit New York City hard, and the Javits Center is currently playing the role of field hospital as medical services face overwhelming demand. The standard Bronco reportedly had its unveiling delayed, too, and nobody's quite sure when either vehicle will actually debut now.

Thankfully, there are some rumors and allegedly leaked pictures to keep us waiting with bated breath. According to a forum post, Ford put several Bronco Sport details into its dealer ordering system, including trim names, powertrains and paint colors. Two weeks prior to that alleged leak, pictures surfaced on social media showing what's believed to be both the Bronco and the Bronco Sport. If the leaks are real, we've got two very compelling rugged SUVs on our hands, but we won't know for sure until… well, until Ford feels like it, really.

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