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The Fisker Ocean electric SUV could be tomorrow's rescue vehicle

Fisker imagines the Ocean could spend some time at the gym and become a beefy military or rescue vehicle.

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Fisker Ocean rescue vehicle rendering

It actually looks pretty good all tough and stuff.


The Fisker Ocean electric SUV debuted this past January, and since then, the startup company has hinted at numerous things coming to its banner vehicle. Never mind the company seems to have placed the EMotion on the back burner. For Fisker's latest idea, the Ocean may spend some time with the weights.

Renderings show what Fisker believes could be a military rescue vehicle based on the Ocean. It's complete with an increased ride height, huge knobby tires, and not one, but two spare tire mounts. Some extra lights sit atop the roof rack, but I'd think a final production version would need more than some sexy-looking LEDs up top to truly light the way forward in a rescue or military application.

Fisker says the company imagines this kind of gear could make it well suited for military transport, too, and notes oil to keep the military fleet running is a major cost. The Ocean, if you need a refresher, sports an 80 kilotwatt-hour battery and will go around 300 miles. All-wheel drive will also be on the menu, save for the base model, and Fisker touts the car's sustainable production approach with all sorts of recycled materials that find their way to the interior. I doubt the military would care much for California Mode, which turns the Ocean into a pseudo convertible.

Fisker Ocean rescue vehicle rendering



These renderings only show off the idea and there's no final say on whether such a thing will reach production. Fisker will surely focus on getting the actual production car to those putting down deposits for one first. The Ocean should begin production late next year and boast a price tag that bests the Tesla Model 3 at $37,499. The company will also roll out a flexible lease program with payments of $379 per month after a $2,999 down payment.

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