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An electric Ferrari? Not until late next decade, CEO says

The expectation is for an electric Ferrari to come after 2025, but that's not a concrete plan.

Ferrari is sticking to the internal-combustion engine for the foreseeable future.

Ferrari is one of the world's most well-known marques when it comes to gorgeous sports cars and incredibly powerful supercars. Thus, it's not surprising the firm is waiting for battery technology to be just right before it tinkers with an electric car.

Reuters reported Thursday on comments Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri made to reporters on Wednesday describing the automaker's future outlook. He said the expectation is to have an electric vehicle in production after 2025, but hardly put a firm stamp on the timeline. Keep in mind "after 2025" could mean closer to 2030.

Hybrids will be the name of the game for the "foreseeable future," he said. Ferrari revealed its first plug-in hybrid, the SF90 Stradale, earlier this year. Ferrari didn't immediately respond after a request for more information.

The CEO added battery technology is not where it needs to be, code for saying the technology isn't up to Ferrari's high standards of performance. While electric supercars are a thing today, repeat performance on the racetrack combined with charging woes remain an issue.

As for what kind of car Ferrari may pursue when it comes time to implement an electric powertrain, the company specifically named an electric grand tourer. It's safe to say we won't see a Ferrari supercar sans internal-combustion engine any time soon then.

In the meantime, the Maranello-based automaker has plenty of new metal in the pipeline. We've seen five new cars debut in 2019 alone in the F8 Tributo, F8 Spider, aforementioned SF90 Stradale, 812 GTS and the Roma coupe. That leaves another 10 updated or new models coming through 2022 -- and one of them will be an SUV.

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