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Cadillac's hot new CT6-V gets pricing and preorders

The first Caddy to get the new twin-turbo V8 finally gets pricing and we're liking what we see.

Fans of luxurious domestic speed can rejoice because the order books are open for Cadillac's next V car.

Cadillac has our emotions all over the place lately with the news of the CT6 getting canceled, then un-canceled, and now here we are getting pricing information on the saucy CT6-V with its locally sourced, farm-to-table, bespoke, artisanal Blackwing turbo V8. It's almost more than a person can stand.

Cadillac announced pricing for its newest and soon-to-be-onliest V-Series car on Monday, and as is typical for fast Caddies, it seems like a helluva deal with a starting price of $88,790.

"The 2019 CT6-V marks the expansion of the V-Series sub-brand and is the proof point of Cadillac's commitment to build high-performance vehicles as we continue our product offensive," Steve Carlisle, president of Cadillac, said in a statement Monday. "Fans of Cadillac will see high-performance variants across our portfolio."

Cadillac is also hoping to snare some prospective buyers for the car by opening up preorders in advance of the car's projected mid-2019 on-sale date. If you want one, though, you're going to need to move quickly because GM is only offering 275 preorders in total.