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Alfa Romeo to show new model at Geneva Motor Show

It's likely a new, smaller crossover to fit below the Stelvio.

Alfa's next debut is set to premiere on March 5.

Jon Wong/Roadshow

Since the introductions of the Stelvio crossover and Giulia sedan, Alfa Romeo has been a little quiet on the new-product front. But that will change in a few weeks' time, as Alfa representatives confirmed to Roadshow on Wednesday that the Italian carmaker has a new model set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

"Alfa Romeo will be at the Geneva Motor Show in full force with our award-winning lineup and something new up our sleeves as well. We're excited to show everyone a taste of what's next in the world of Italian performance and luxury," Alfa Romeo spokesman Berj Alexanian told Roadshow. "Stay tuned on March 5 to see a glimpse into the next chapter of Alfa Romeo's legendary story."

A small crossover is one of many new products shown in Alfa's most recent future-product presentations.

Alfa Romeo

While there's no confirmation yet of what that "something new" might be, all signs point toward a smaller crossover that'll slot below the existing Stelvio. Reports in November suggested Alfa would launch a crossover based on the Jeep Compass, possibly with a plug-in-hybrid powertrain available. With most premium automakers seeing major sales growth from crossovers and SUVs, rather than sedans and coupes, it seems a safe bet Alfa would head in that direction.

In a June 2018 presentation as part of parent company FCA's Capital Markets day, Alfa Romeo said that it would launch what it called a "C UV" by 2022. Of course, the plans for Alfa's lineup growth by 2022 include quite a lot of other debuts, too: refreshes of the Giulia and Stelvio, a refreshed European-market Giulietta, an all-electric crossover, a new GTV sports car and, most exciting of all, a new midengined 8C sports car.