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Alfa Romeo 8C will return as a 700-horsepower, mid-engine hybrid

Alfa Romeo plans to bring seven new models to market by 2022, including revivals of the 8C and GTV nameplates.

Alfa Romeo, FCA

Alfa Romeo 8C: Now there's a name I've not heard… well, not since 2010 when the 8C Competizione ceased production. Laying out plans for the next five years at the FCA investors meeting in Balocco, Italy, Alfa Romeo is poised to totally overhaul its vehicle lineup and the cherry on top is the resurrection of the curvaceous 8C coupe as an exotic hybrid.

The relaunched 8C will be built around a carbon fiber monocoque chassis presumably developed with the lessons learned from the 4C Coupe and Spider. A twin-turbocharged engine mounted amidships will send power to the rear axle while an e-motor powers the front. Estimated output for this e-AWD system is estimated at more than 700 horsepower with a 0-100 km (62 mph) time below 3 seconds.


Alfa is also reviving the GTV nameplate for a new 600-plus horsepower four-seater.

Alfa Romeo, FCA

Alfa will also resurrect the GTV nameplate for yet another high-performance model. This one's a four-seater-- most likely with a traditional front-engine layout -- powered by a 600-plus horsepower engine that uses E-Booster electric turbocharger technology. Putting that power to the road will be an all-wheel drive system with torque vectoring.

In addition to the 8C and GTV revivals, Alfa will completely overhaul its lineup, bringing a total of seven new models to market by 2022. The Giulia sedan and Stelvio SUV will be redesigned and gain long-wheelbase variants for the Chinese market. The C-segment Giulietta will also see a redesign that we'll likely not get in the US. A large SUV and a new C-segment will round out the lineup, bracketing the Stelvio with larger and smaller siblings.


Looks like the end of the road for Alfa's subcompact MiTo and the sporty 4C Coupe and Spider. 

Alfa Romeo, FCA

100-percent of Alfa's next-generation lineup will feature some sort of powertrain electrification with six PHEV models reaching market globally by 2022. Additionally, all of these models will be ready for Level 2 and Level 3 autonomy, though ultimate adoption of these technologies will vary between global markets.