Listen to the 2020 Toyota Supra's straight-six growl

The whole thing debuts at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

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Andrew Krok
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Looking forward to the 2020 Toyota Supra? You're not alone -- in fact, most of the internet is trying desperately every day to learn something new about this car ahead of its debut in January. Now, we finally have an idea of what it'll sound like.

Toyota Europe posted a new video to its YouTube channel on Wednesday. The short clip offers 30 seconds of pure Supra sound and nothing else. As a straight-six enthusiast, I will say that I prefer the raspy nature of BMW's retired S54, but the Toyota has the right amount of grittiness, with a few exhaust burps thrown into the mix for good measure.

Toyota showed some blurry Supra details in the video, but the best look we've had of the car thus far came from an alleged forum leak that offered up a full view of the car's front end. The automaker still hasn't said how much power its 3.0-liter I6 makes, but on our first drive of the car, our butt dyno puts it "north of 350."

While there were concerns that the Supra might be too similar to the new BMW Z4 it shares a platform with, that shouldn't be a problem -- in fact, Toyota's and BMW's engineers haven't talked to each other since 2014. Both cars will use a 3.0-liter I6, but Toyota's will undoubtedly have a bit more edge, as the Z4 is more of a leisure vehicle than a proper performer.

Toyota will likely make enough Supras to satisfy demand, but if you want the first one off the line, get your auction arm ready. Toyota will auction off Supra No. 001 at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona on Jan. 19, 2019. If its window sticker is too rich for your blood (even though nobody knows what it costs yet), you can get some of the car's camouflage in convenient wrapping paper form, too.

Toyota Supra prototype looking trippy in camouflage

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