Toyota offers limited Supra camo wrapping paper for charity in the UK

This Toyota Supra camo wrapping paper will let you keep your friends and family in suspense for years, just like the real thing!

Kyle Hyatt Former news and features editor
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Kyle Hyatt

Car camouflage is usually just a bunch of odd swirly patterns in black and white, but decided to buck the trend when it (kind of) showed off its forthcoming Supra sports car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  

The Supra's geometric, multicolored pattern was pretty popular with folks on the internet, and now, according to a report published on Saturday by Motor 1, you can buy it in wrapping paper form so you can tease your loved ones with promises of presents for years to come, just like Toyota!
Seriously though, it's cool wrapping paper. It's super-limited edition, and it's being sold for a good cause. The gift wrap is being sold in the UK to benefit the Crisis at Christmas charity which helps to support the homeless. There will be just 500 sheets made of the paper and rolls of four sheets of it are being sold for the equivalent of $6.29 through the Crowdfunder website.

So, if you're so inclined, you should buy a roll for a good cause and then don't let your friends and family open their Christmas gifts until the Detroit Auto Show, just like the real Supra. They'll love it, we promise.

Toyota Supra prototype looking trippy in camouflage

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