The very best cosplay we saw at Comic-Con 2019

From Spider-Man to The Witcher to Dude Vader, here are the most mind-blowing costumes that invaded San Diego for the 50th Comic-Con.

Tania González
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Lord Voldemort

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 is in full swing, and we're on the hunt for the best cosplay.

I dared to get up close and personal -- despite being a muggle -- with the one who must not be named to show you the details of his face.

Originally published July 18 and will be updated frequently. 

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Bellatrix Lestrange and the one who must not be named

You see a lot of Harry Potter cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con but this duo of Bellatrix and Voldemort was very impressive to see in action. Great job, @bellavoldy!

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Steampunk from a galaxy far, far away

The steampunk meet-up showed off real cosplay talent. 

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Dude Vader goes to space!

Dude Vader is a San Diego Comic-Con institution. I ran into Dude Vader several times during this year's con, but I was specially thrilled to see his rendition for commemorating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

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Check out that helmet!

Take a closer look at that helmet.

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King Leoric & The Necromancer

Cosplayer Bruce Stedwell (King Leoric) is the talent behind both of these costumes. It took him almost four months to finish them both. To his right is his son, Corey Stedwell. 

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Sarevok from Baldur's Gate

Cosplayer Damian Lance spend 90 hours making this impressive Sarevok. His favorite part was making those horns.

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Valkyrie from God of War

This costume took three months to prepare, and the cosplayer says the most fun part was to making the feathers. 

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Roy Mustang

Cosplayer @magpie6493 decided to mash up her love for samurais and the Fullmetal alchemist series. It took her over 200 hours to make the getup.

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This cosplayer has been a huge Deadpool fan since collecting the very first comic that published in 1992. 

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Classic Deadpool

The perfect Deadpool pose.

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Getting into trouble

Deadpool wasn't too charming with Harley

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It took Daniel Trevizo six months to make this Hulkbuster from Infinity War. It's made out of high-density foam and PVC pipe.

Check out the best Marvel cosplay we saw at San Diego Comic-Con.

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A classic Dr. Quinn

And the best Harley Quinn cosplay from the animated series goes to @enasnivee.

Check out the best Harley Quinn's costumes we saw at the convention!

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Jedi Knight

Cosplayer @RealZackHampton decided to use the Force during SDCC 2019.

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Cosplayer @clobbersmash showcased an impressive Pennywise from It Chapter 2, which got a new trailer at Comic-Con.

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Pennywise visits downtown San Diego

@clobbersmash loves the original It movie. Thus, this costume.  

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@Mjdoescosplay spend three months finishing her cosplay. She added personalized touches to her dress, and she had to make the staff three times.

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Iron Lord

Ramon M. started working on his cosplay right after SDCC 2018 ended. He had a blast making the massive hammer, which has a tungsten rod in the middle covered with high-density foam.

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One thousand kills

Just some of the cool details on his costume are the lines on his forearm. Each line represents one thousand kills.

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Mother of braids

Now that is some great cosplay hair!

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Toga Himiko

Cosplayer @toxicmelon decided to invest more time to finish up her take on Toga Himiko from My Hero Academia. The most challenging part of her costume was the teeth.

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Toga Himiko

It took her one week to finish the costume. She used bottles to make the back part.

Wonder woman
Wonder woman
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Wonder woman

@kszapatag decided to transform into Wonder Woman because she felt inspired by the movie and her outfit makes her feel confident.

Check out the best cosplay from DC we saw at San Diego Comic-Con.

Strike a Spidey pose
Strike a Spidey pose
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Strike a Spidey pose

Somebody's got Peter Parker's moves down to a science.

Check out the best Marvel cosplay we spotted.

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CNET's Erin Carson decided to cosplay for the first time for San Diego Comic-Con. You can find out how she feels about her cosplay adventures here.

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Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn

Two of Batman's greatest foes team up for a photo at this year's Comic-Con. 

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@Maddy cosplays as Rogue, and @dreamboxgirls helped make her outfit.

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Her favorite part of the costume is the boots. 

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Jedi masters

Cosplayers Paul and Joyce are part of the charity group Rebel Legion, and they absolutely love the smiles on the faces of the kids who see them. 

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Dark Phoenix, Spider-Gwen

These two powerful cosplayers pose for a photo outside of SDCC 2019.

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Jean-Luc Picard

Cosplayer @007marcelo started the convention with Captain Picard because he sees the Star Trek commanding officer as a role model.

Don't miss the Picard gallery that was on display at Comic-Con.

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Cosplay by @j_mac619.

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Owen and his raptors

@hamill_n brought some Jurassic World to SDCC 2019. A very clever girl indeed.

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Gerald of Rivia and Ciri of Cintra

These cosplayers brought us into The Witcher's universe by transforming into Gerald of Rivia and Ciri of Cintra from The Witcher 3.

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Black Widow

Black Widow lives! 

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The bracelets

One cosplayer shows off her costume's accessory. 

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Misty and Ash

The best Pokemon cosplay I've ever seen has to be that of @Cheerupcharms and @Bravepalmtrees, who transformed into Misty and Ash. Incredible attention to detail in their cosplay.

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Jester from Critical Role

@tomatoelover shows off her creativity by transforming into the tiefling cleric Jester from Critical Role. She is a big Dungeons & Dragons fan and had a lot of fun making the lollipop.

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The details

The most challenging part was hand-painting the flowers. It took her a whole month to finish them.

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Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto

Cosplayer Ilona S. identified with the character from Naruto because she can relate to his past and the ways he struggles with his feelings.

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Oh so blanco

This is one of our favorite skins for the Reaper in Overwatch!

For cosplayer @kevin_christipher_castillo it was a family effort to create his costume. It took them 3 months to finish it up.

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The Reaper

Love the guitar detail and you should know that his mom helped with the sketch.

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So many Spideys...

Spider-Man is a popular choice this year.

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Dr. Strange

This Sorcerer Supreme cosplayer poses for a photo with what we can only assume is his mystical powers. 

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Chandra Flames

Here are some Magic the Gathering cosplayers at SDCC 2019.

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Cosplayer @fun4spidey made an appearance during Comic-Con, and I have to say that he has one of the best Spider-Man costumes we've seen.

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Sailor Neptune

Cosplayer @emarsh0000 decided to match with a friend for SDCC 2019. She opted for Sailor Neptune because she loves the green hair and how accomplished the character is.  

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More Spider-Man

This Spidey duo is from different spider-verses. On the left, we have cosplayer @kawaiimayhem, who took inspiration from a Spider-Man video game, while her friend, who chose to remained anonymous, transforms into Peter B. Parker from Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.

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Beam me up, Scotty!

This Star Trek cosplayer is ready for teleportation. 

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Handmaid's Tale

These cosplayers have departed Gilead for San Diego. 

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Poison Ivy

Move over, Uma Thurman. There's a new Poison Ivy. 

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A Fortnite skin

Of course, there's a good number of Fortnite cosplayers at this year's Comic-Con.

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Gender-bending Spider-Man

There are a ton of web-heads at SDCC 2019, including this gender-bending Spider-Man. 

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It wouldn't be Comic-Con without some Star Trek cosplayers. 

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Two against the world

The Spider-verse is, apparently, quite full.

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Cloud Strife?

Is that you?

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Never grow up

We love ourselves some Disney cosplay.

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Glad to see you made it through Endgame OK!

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Oh hey, Supergirl

Who knew there was such a thing as a Super-Scooter?

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Oh so bohemian

We suddenly hear a rhapsody. Cosplay by Jason Scott.

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Daddy's little monster

How do, Harley Quinn?

Cosplay by 

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