Joker, Harley Quinn, Batgirl: The best Comic-Con DC Universe cosplay

Check out the hottest DC costumes we spotted at SDCC 2019.


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The Batman who laughs

Let's take a look a some of the coolest DC Universe cosplay spotted at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Here's @the_joker_that_laughs, who cosplayed the evil counterpart of Batman in the multiverse.

(If you don't see a link to your handle in this gallery, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter so I can add you.)

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Cosplayer @criccicricci went as Batgirl. She picked the character to match her friend and his Red Hood cosplay.

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The annual Harleypalooza meet-up brings together a bunch of DC cosplayers, including tons of Harley Quinns. This was my first time at the event's photo shoot and it was an absolute blast.

This first group shot showcased Harleys and Jokers.

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Dr. Quinn

I loved @adrianabootie's take on a classic Harley look from the animated series.

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The complete look

She channeled lots of Dr. Quinn's fun personality.

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Red Hood

@redhoidprim3 cosplayed as Red Hood. He said he had the most fun making the torso.

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Steampunk Joker

This genderbent Joker with a steampunk vibe comes to us thanks to the creativity of cosplayer @cknight_cosplay.

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A closer look

Here's a closer look at her amazing cosplay.

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This is hands-down the best Supergirl I saw at the convention. Cosplay by @adventuresofsupergirl.

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Harley with a mariachi spin

Cosplayer @x.marlne.x showcased a Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad with a mariachi spin.

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Boots and all

No mariachi is complete without the proper boots.

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A standoff!

The Arrow, Red Hood and Nightwing had a tense moment.

Cosplayer @captaineddiemullis is Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing. It took him a month and a half to make his costume. The easiest part was the gauntlet, he says.

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Gotta love the classics

And the best classic Harley goes to @enasnivee.

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Strike a pose!

A smiley shot from the DC cosplayers.

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Cosplay by @brandnewthea.

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Harley vs. Joker

In this group shot, there's some conflict among Joker and Pudding. That happens when you have so many options.

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In love and war

Harley is probably remembering that one time Joker let her get caught by Batman. Although we know it's been more than once.

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Mad Harleys

All the Harleys gang up on the Jokers, because love is a complicated thing.

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Joker from Suicide Squad

I'm here for that long coat and contagious smile. The best rendition for  Jared Leto's Joker goes to @i_started_ajoke.

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Every Dr. Quinn joined the photo opp.

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A League of Their Own

Check out this great match up from the movie "A League of Their Own" and animated Harley by cosplayer @erynsophia.

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Wonder Woman

The princess of Themyscira was all over the convention.

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Batman ears!

These cosplayers are decided to mock the Dark Knight.

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Deadly kisses

The Riddler forgot that Poison Ivy's kisses are kinda lethal. From left to right we have cosplayer @_linda.rose, @enigmafeldt and @Honeydee21.

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Daddy's little monster

Cosplay by @leon_kitty_cosplay.

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To the left!

Harleys on the left and other villains to the right.

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Harley meets Bonnie and Clyde

Cosplayer @mariidragon gives a very interesting match-up with her Harley Quinn.

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Wrong place

Wonder Woman decided to stop by the Harleypalooza, and got an interesting welcoming.

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Dead pool? Pun intended!

This isn't exactly the party Deadpool was expecting. Good thing he's wearing red.

Don't forget to check our best Marvel cosplay gallery too.

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Joker goes golfing!

Cosplay by @darknytestudios.

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The Joker feels like golfing at very awkward moments.

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The butcher

The scariest Joker of the bunch goes to @theanghellicone.

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Joker-Riddler duo with Brain Games

I stopped by the Nerd Nite Party and spotted cosplayer @CapitalGamerDC as the Riddler, @ocean_jon as the Joker and @EricLeonardis, who talked about brain-computer interfaces and the ethics surrounding its applications to promote Brain Games, Nat Geo's new show that will premiere Dec. 1.

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