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The smart home grows up

From app-enabled robot vacuums to fridges with built-in cameras, this year's IFA tech conference in Berlin was pretty smart-home-heavy.

Click through for an exclusive tour of everything we saw.

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AEG Procombi Plus Smart Oven

I'm not sure why you'd ever need a live stream of your steam oven in action, but Electrolux brand AEG is making it happen.

The Procombi Plus Smart Oven was a mere glimmer in AEG's eye when it debuted the concept at last year's IFA conference. Now, the team is back with plans to introduce it to the European market next April.

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Neato Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum

Neato announced its Wi-Fi robot vacuum with a related Android and iOS app at IFA this week.

Dyson introduced its 360 Eye robot vacuum in September 2014, but it still isn't available in the United States. That might make Neato the first brand to bring this sort of functionality to the US.


Netatmo Wind Gauge

Netatmo already offers an array of outdoor products, ranging from a weather station to a rain gauge.

At IFA 2015, it introduced a Wind Gauge as an optional $99 accessory to the Weather Station (£99 in the UK) that's expected to hit stores in mid-October and work on the existing Netatmo app.

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Samsung WW8500 AddWash Washing Machine

The Samsung WW8500 AddWash is an interesting addition to the brand's existing laundry lineup.

No, it doesn't have a built-in sink, but it does have a small hatch attached to the larger door so you can add extra/forgotten clothes midcycle. It also features a companion Android and iOS app for remote access to your washer's status.

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SmartThings Hub and Sensors 2.0

Samsung's SmartThings brand already announced its second-gen hub and sensors at CES earlier this year.

But, the team was on-site at IFA to showcase the new 2.0 products and to confirm that they are all available for purchase starting September 3.

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Bosch NoFrost Refrigerator

In line with AEG's Procombi Plus Smart Oven, Bosch's new line of NoFrost fridges, available as part of the brand's existing Series 4, 6 and 8 lineups, have built-in cameras so you can see if you’re out of eggs from the related app -- while you're at the supermarket.

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Philips Hue Lightstrips Plus

We reviewed Philips' original Hue Lightstrips back in 2013.

But Philips is back with version 2.0 slated for shipping this October for $90 (€80/£60 in the EU; pricing is not available for Australia, but the US price converts to about AU$130).

Philips notes two key differences here. 1-meter extension strips will be available for an additional $30/€25 and it's supposed to deliver a max lumen output of 1,600 (the first-gen strips maxed out at just 120 lumens).


Haier Intelius 2.0 Washing Machine

At IFA 2015, Haier unveiled a second-gen version of its Intelius laundry lineup, complete with a new standalone washing machine, a standalone dryer and an all-in-one washer-dryer combo unit.

All of the new Intelius 2.0 models are supposed to work on a related Haier app so you can look in on your laundry from the couch.

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Samsung SleepSense

Samsung's new Bluetooth-equipped SleepSense tracker is supposed to be tucked under your mattress and pair to your phone to dish out custom sleep reports so you can improve your snoozin' over time.

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Smarter iKettle 2.0

Smarter introduced a new coffee maker at CES in January. The startup also sold an electric water kettle as part of its original lineup.

At IFA 2015, Smarter debuted its second generation kettle, officially called the iKettle 2.0, complete with a related Android and iOS app as well as a slimmer profile than the first version.

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