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Haier gets smart with Intelius 2.0 laundry lineup

Haier adds a few large-capacity, app-enabled washers and dryers to its laundry roster.

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BERLIN -- Appliance manufacturer Haier already unveiled a double-decker washing machine at IFA 2015, but the brand is back today with a fresh laundry announcement for the Intelius 2.0 lineup, a second-gen, app-enabled washer, dryer and all-in-one-washer-dryer combo unit.

The brand's existing Intelius appliances already boast a ton of so-called "smart tech" designed to make your clothes-washing and -drying experience as positive as possible. This includes options such as "Smart Detecting," which supposedly auto-adjusts the amount of water and detergent based on water hardness and "Smart Dosing," which dishes out detergent and fabric softener by load weight and type.

But this new 2.0 product roster promises to offer even more than its predecessors, from larger capacities to better water and energy efficiency and extra features, including a related Haier app so you can start a laundry cycle straight from your phone or tablet.

Specifically, Haier's new Intelius 2.0 washer and washer-dryer combo have 12-kilogram capacities (roughly 26 pounds) and the dryer has a 9-kilogram capacity (about 20 pounds). The team also announced a "slimline" version of its large-capacity washer and washer-dryer duo with a smaller, 8-kilogram capacity (about 17 pounds).

These models also feature 7-inch color LCD screens with 16 settings for the standalone washer and standalone dryer and 26 settings for the washer-dryer combo. They also offer "Quick Glance" systems, which rely on LEDs to provide visual cycle status indicators, similar to GE's LED-illuminated PT9550SFSS double oven .

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Haier's new Intelius 2.0 washing machine.


Beyond Haier's own Intelius 2.0 laundry machines, brands like Samsung, LG and Whirlpool have also introduced app-connected models. Select smart Whirlpool washers and dryers even integrate with Works with Nest, an initiative by Google's Nest brand that bridges the gap between its thermostats , smoke detectors and cameras and various third-party devices.

There's no word from Haier yet on unit pricing or availability, so check back soon for updates. In the meantime, take a look at the rest of our IFA 2015 coverage.