The Smarter Kettle 2.0 promises improved brains for water boiling

With built-in wireless networking and robotic intelligence the Smarter Kettle 2.0 tracks traffic and alarms to boil water precisely when you want it.

Brian Bennett

Brian Bennett

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The Smarter Kettle 2.0.


BERLIN -- Connected appliance maker Smarter hopes to streamline your morning ritual with its new product, the £99.99 iKettle 2.0. Announced at the IFA electronics show, this gadget is a follow up to the company's previous stab at an intelligent and Wi-Fi linked water heater, the Smarter iKettle . Now boasting increased intelligence and an improved companion mobile app, Smarter claims the iKettle 2.0 will offer a host of fresh features and even have the brains to tweak its morning boiling schedule based on local traffic conditions.


With a slimmed down size and shape including a revamped base, physically the iKettle 2.0 is smaller than its predecessor. Though Smarter hasn't yet disclosed specific details regarding the iKettle 2.0's exact dimensions, it's clear the new gadget has a diminished footprint. Most notable is the stainless steel kettle's lack of a bulky stand.

While the older model sits atop a square base featuring controls for water temperature and power, the updated iKettle rests upon a short cylindrical cradle. Plain and entirely devoid of buttons save a sole circular power key, the stand lends the appliance a clean, more spartan look.

Despite a trimmer appearance, Smarter says the iKettle 2.0 is slightly thinner and taller too, the product will hold the same maximum volume of water (1.8 liters, 60.9 ounces). That's a lot of hot water to have on hand especially compared to drip coffee makers which tend to top out at 1.3L or about 44 ounces.

A steamer with enhanced smarts

There's a reason for the iKettle's large water reservoir. Instead of filling the machine with liquid from the tap each time you seek a hot beverage, Smarter envisions a scenario where the product is always topped off. Indeed, thanks to an integrated Wi-Fi radio, the iKettle 2.0 will regularly ping your mobile device with alerts concerning current water level and temperature status.

Likewise you'll be able to command the kettle to begin boiling remotely, courtesy of an Android and iOS mobile application, plus program the gadget to operate in advance say first thing in the morning. Additionally the product offers the flexibility to heat water at precise temperatures, specifically a range between 20 to 100 Celsius (68 to 212 Farenheit).

I find a few new functions particularly interesting. A Home mode can handily kick off the AM water boil timed to your morning alarm or when you arrive home after a grueling day. The wildest of the iKettle 2.0's promised abilities, however, is the Early Bird mode which enables the appliance to keep tabs on traffic conditions in real time and bump up its boil time earlier if necessary.


According to Smarter, the Smarter Kettle 2.0 is immediately available for purchase in the UK for £99.99 through online retailer Firebox. Smarter will also sell the product in Europe for €140 and in the US as well, though the company hasn't disclosed pricing for that market.