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LG's Smart Security Solution

An outdoor camera from Ezviz

A smartcam with integration tech

Oco's second generation

SimpliSafe finally gets a camera

Smart padlocks that don't need keys

A creative leak sensor from iDevices

Alarm, hub, router

"Alexa, call a plumber"

Forget batteries, any light charges this lock

"Siri, lock the door"

The LG Smart Security Solution packs a lot into a surprisingly small device. Equipped with a camera, environmental monitor, siren, and a host of partnerships with companies like SmartThings and August, this security hub is looking impressive. LG Security can also work in concert with ADT's new non-contractual home monitoring.

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The Ezviz Mini Cube is a small and affordable outdoor camera. For only $110 (roughly £75 or AU$155), you won't find much competition in the same price range.

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Ezviz is expanding its lineup of affordable cameras at CES with another option: The Ezviz Mini IQ. A little pricier than the Ezviz Mini or the Mini Cube, the Mini IQ includes a Z-Wave radio transmitter, so smart home integration will be more of a possibility in the future.

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The second-generation Oco is hoping to compete with Ezviz's affordable options. The Oco2 features local storage (or fee-based cloud storage), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility, 2-way audio, and many of the features you'd expect -- except for the lower price of $150 (roughly AU$210 or £100).

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SimpliSafe's security system impressed us in the past, but one of the gaping holes was a camera. The new SimpliSafe Security Camera will rectify that issue. Expected to release this summer, the camera will feature 2-way audio, HD resolution, heat signature motion detection, and more.

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The Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks boast a touchpad for cracking them manually, and Bluetooth access with your phone to eliminate the need for keys.

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The Delta Leak Detector from iDevices offers some clever solutions to the problems of past sensors. It is Wi-Fi enabled, so no additional hub is necessary to receive mobile alerts. And it's probes are designed in such a way to detect water before it begins pooling.

Caption by / Photo by Rich Brown/CNET

The Securifi Almond 3 combines a Wi-Fi router with a smart home hub and security monitor. This all-in-one hub will be available this summer for $120 (around AU$170 or £80), and depending on its performance, it could be a helpful solution to a fragmented smart home.

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HomeAdvisor, a free app with an expanding roster of collaborators, will find the appropriate service person should your smart home detect a problem. If your home senses a leak, for instance, a plumber will call you within minutes. And it even works with Amazon Echo's voice control software, Alexa.

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The Brinks Array is notable for two reasons: first, it connects with your Wi-Fi, so you don't need a hub to use it. Second, any light -- not just sunlight -- will charge it, so batteries shouldn't be much of a concern.

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This new Bluetooth-enabled lock boasts Apple Homekit compatibility, so it will work with other Homekit smart home gadgets. Plus, you can control it with Siri.

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