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The Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks comes in two models: an outdoor version (center) and an indoor model (right).

Ashlee Clark Thompson/CNET

It can be a pain to keep up with keys, especially the ones for rarely used padlocks. But with Master Lock's Bluetooth Smart Padlock, you only need to keep your phone on hand.

Master Lock displayed its entry into the smart home Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The nearly 100-year-old company released its two smart padlocks in November: The larger outdoor model costs $60 and the indoor model is $50.

After you download Master Lock's app, you can use the Bluetooth in your phone to connect to and unlock the padlock. You can also crack the padlocks if your phone isn't handy. Each smart lock has a touch keypad on which you can set a directional code (think "down, down, left, up, right") to open it.

We've seen similar technology with the Quicklock, which supports both Bluetooth and NFC. But the Master Lock has almost a century of security experience that could make its presence in the smart lock market formidable.


  • Can use the app to provide temporary and/or timed access to the padlocks
  • Can use website to track when and how many times the padlocks have been unlocked
  • Battery powered