SimpliSafe adds camera to home security system

SimpliSafe will expand its home security options with the addition of a wireless camera to its offerings.

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The SimpliSafe Camera will become available in February or March of 2016.

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When we first reviewed the SimpliSafe home security system, we liked the easy-to-install package enough to give it a Editors' Choice award. But one knock against SimpliSafe was the company's lack of a camera in its security offerings. This year, SimpliSafe will address that need with the addition of a wireless camera to its lineup of home security products.

SimpliSafe displayed its new camera Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The camera is currently in beta testing, but is set for release in February or March. The final price hasn't been set, but SimpliSafe estimates that the camera will cost around $200, which is comparable to other security cameras such as the Nest Cam and the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro. But monitoring will cost an additional monthly fee that starts at $15.

The SimpliSafe camera looks similar to other models we've seen. The lens is mounted on a rectangular body that hovers slightly above where it sits. It's pretty light, too -- about as heavy as a deck of cards. I'll be eager to see if the SimpliSafe camera will be as praise-worthy as the company's previous products.

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  • Stainless steel privacy shutter if you don't want to record activity while you're home
  • 720p HD recording
  • 120-degree diagonal view
  • Two-way audio
  • Heat signature motion detection
  • Auto night vision

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