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Asus ZenWatch 2

The ZenWatch 2 isn't just stylish, but also affordable. The watch will be available in October in the UK for about £110, which converts to about $167 in the US and AU$240 in Australia.

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Moto 360 Fashion

The Moto 360 Fashion should fit all wrist sizes. There's one with a 46mm face and 22mm strap and a smaller 42mm model with a 20mm strap. Motorola is also one of the few companies targeting women. The special women's collection Moto 360 Fashion features a 42mm face and a slim 16mm strap.

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Samsung Gear S2 Classic

Circular displays are in. Not only does the Samsung Gear S2 Classic look great, but it's also sporting some high-end hardware. The watch runs Samsung's Tizen operating system and features NFC for contactless payments. Even more impressive, Samsung claims the battery will last up to three days.

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Samsung Gear S2

Want more of a futuristic looking watch? Samsung's got you covered with the normal Gear S2.


Sony Wena Watch

Sony's Wena Watch is still just a concept device that the company is attempting to crowdfund in Japan, and we hope they are successful. This looker features a 42mm traditional watch face with Quartz movements. It also includes NFC, a 6-axis sensor for activity tracking and a seven-color LED light for notifications built directly into the band.

If funded successfully, the watch will begin shipping in March of 2016.

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Moto 360 Sport

Runners and cyclist love devices with GPS for tracking pace, distance and speed. Look no further than the Moto 360 Sport. Along with including all of the features found in the Fashion model, the Sport includes GPS and a new display technology that improves visibility in all environments.

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iHealth Wave

The iHealth Wave is similar to the Misift Shine Speedo edition. In addition to measuring steps, distance and calories burned, the Wave can measure different strokes while swimming and numbers of laps. The iHealth Wave will be available some time this year, for 79 euros -- that works out to around £60, $90, or AU$130.

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Alcatel Onetouch Go Watch

Alcatel's Go Watch is a rugged smartwatch that works with both Android and iOS. The watch features an optical heart-rate sensor, which Alcatel claims can measure your mood.

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