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BERLIN -- When you think of activity trackers, you probably think of counting steps or maybe heartbeats. But the iHealth Wave lets you count splashes instead.

Wearable devices that allow you to track your activity and create a record of your performance are hugely popular for motivating those who want to improve their fitness. From simple pedometers to all-singing, all-dancing GPS watches that plot your routes, sports like running and cycling are well covered. Swimming, however, presents its own challenges -- but as one of the most effective forms of exercise, swimming deserves wearable devices that won't be a wash-out.

Let's dive in with the Wave, then. It's waterproof, of course, the round tracker fitting neatly into a waterproof wristband like the rubbery bands for the locker keys they give you in the local swimming pool. You can choose from either blue or black.

The iHealth Wave can measure steps and swim strokes. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The Wave connects to your phone via Bluetooth to record your progress. While it does record traditional activity like how many steps you walk and how far, the Wave also gives you an analysis of your swimming, measuring different strokes and numbers of lengths.

The iHealth Wave will be available some time this year, for 79 euros -- that works out to around $90, £60 or AU$130.

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