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Smile like Darth Vader

People who use selfie sticks love them for their convenience. People who hate selfie sticks loathe them for their narcissistic connotations. But we can all agree that these 10 wacko selfie sticks are worth a laugh.

Star Wars fans have merch options coming out of their ears. With a selfie stick shaped like the handle of Darth Vader's lightsaber, they can snap photos of themselves with their action-figure collections or Rey cosplay outfits until their hands fall off. This may be simultaneously one of the coolest and silliest selfie sticks on the market.

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The butt-selfie of your dreams

It sure is hard to take a good butt selfie with a regular selfie stick. The ergonomics are all wrong.'s imaginative BelfieStick is an angled stick that elevates the art of belfies (butt selfies) to a sublime level of absurdity. Now you can launch an Instagram account dedicated to nothing but your finest rear-end assets.

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Brush your way to better selfies

A bad hair day can really ruin a good selfie. Protect yourself with the Selfie Brush, a combination of a brush, iPhone case and mirror designed to help you look your best before you pout into the camera. Owners of a Selfie Brush might be accused of narcissism, but their self-portraits will sure look good as their carefully coiffed hair is the star of the show.

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Selfies with zombies

Add some "Walking Dead" flair to your selfie exploits with the Zelfie, a selfie-stick attachment that makes it look like a bloody zombie hand is reaching out to you. The hand is missing a finger and looks about as awful as you might expect. Now all you have to do is practice the look of horror on your face.

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Arm-shaped selfie stick

It really ruins the illusion when you see the selfie stick in a selfie. Two artists created the Selfie Arm to make it look like you're not alone during your selfie adventures. You hold the hand, with your phone mounted on the other end. It creates an illusion of human touch and makes it seem like a companion is snapping your photo. Go ahead. Embrace the lie.

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$2.5 billion selfie stick

The world's most expensive selfie stick isn't even on our planet anymore. The Curiosity rover mission to Mars cost NASA about $2.5 billion (about £1.8 billion, AU$3.5 billion) to pull off. While Curiosity has a lot of scientific tasks on its plate, it has also delivered a series of selfies back to Earth.

The rover selfies are stitched together from shots taken by the Mars Hand Lens Imager camera, which just happens to be located at the end of a long arm. It's Curiosity's personal selfie stick.

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MacBook on a stick

The average selfie stick is a dainty flower compared with the MacBook Selfie Stick, a gargantuan creative project from three artists in New York City. The stick manages to hold up a MacBook on one end, allowing the user to take extremely conspicuous selfies. And you thought regular selfie sticks were bad...

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Published:Caption:Photo:Moises (Art404)/John Yuyi/Tom Galle
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A stealthy selfie stick

If you're worried about what other people might think of you but you're still desperate to have a selfie stick, check out the Pop Stick. It's a sneaky selfie stick disguised as one of those metal snap bracelets from the '90s. All you have to do is unfurl it and attach your phone to take a snappy selfie.

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Stick-em-up selfies

Not all selfie sticks take the form of sticks. This sticky selfie gadget called the Cellfy Stic is a suction-cup-filled phone case that sticks your cell onto any smooth surface. Sure, you could use this on a car or cafe window to catch a photo of yourself out and about, but everyone knows it's really for sticking on your bathroom mirror for selfies in the privacy of your own home.

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Biggest selfie stick around

What you see here is a man with a selfie stick. This isn't an unusual phenomenon until you look closer and start to realize the scale of the selfie stick he is holding. It's massive. It defies all laws of nature. This contraption is an attempt at making the world's longest selfie stick at 9.57 meters (over 31 feet) in length. It might be big, but it takes horrible selfies.

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Published:Caption:Photo:James Ware/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET
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