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Arm-shaped selfie stick lets you pretend you have friends

Commenting on today's selfie culture, two artists make a selfie stick that looks like an arm so selfie-takers can look like they have friends in the shots they incessantly post to social media.

You'd never guess the woman in this photo isn't holding a living human's hand. Aric Snee

Fascinated with the "constant, gnawing need for narcissistic Internet validation," artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe created the Selfie Arm, a selfie stick that basically looks like a human arm that you can hold hands with while taking a picture.

Because in our world of carefully curated social-media profiles, who wants to look alone (gasp!) when snapping selfies? What better way to escape the appearance that you're lacking a social life than by posting a picture of yourself holding hands with someone while you're really out in the world all by your lonesome?

Who cares if that someone is made of plastic? Your Instagram and Facebook friends will have no way of knowing you're not holding a real person's hand, at least as long as they don't notice that Snee and Crowe's sarcastic prototype arm looks more like that of a statue or a dead body than an actual living human's arm.

Your friends will all think you're having the time of your life even when if you're just hanging out by yourself wishing you had someone to keep you company. And, if you get to feeling lonely, you can probably wrap the arm on your shoulder to help comfort you.

The stick is made of lightweight fiberglass and, fortunately for humanity, is not a real product. At least, not until someone decides it's a good enough idea to mass produce. When that day comes, we're all doomed.

In the meantime, the artists are releasing a limited batch of 10 Selfie Arms for $6,200 apiece (about £4,000 and AU$7,800).

Here's what the Selfie Arm looks like when it's not attached to another human. Aric Snee

(Via Designboom)