Tech that will make the world better from CES 2021

CES 2021 is entirely virtual, and so far has been loaded with forward-thinking technology tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, personal wellbeing and more.


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1 of 15 Ubtech

Ubtech's disinfecting robots

To help the world reopen safely amid the coronavirus pandemic, robots are stepping up -- particularly Ubtech's Adibot. The bot is made specifically to disinfect rooms for small businesses and schools with UVC light. The company is rolling out two models this year: the Adibot-A (an upgraded version that can pilot autonomously using a lidar sensor) and the Adibot-S (a stationary model with wheels for moving it manually into rooms).

2 of 15 Samsung

Samsung's new robot lineup

Samsung introduced three new robots -- the Bot Care personal assistant, the JetBot AI Plus robot vacuum, and the Bot Handy robot that can help you clean the house and avoid germs. The Jetbot AI Plus will be on sale later this year, and empties its own trash bin at its charging station so you don't have to.

3 of 15 Samsung

Samsung's solar-powered TV remote

Samsung's new TV remotes have a solar cell on the back that lets them recharge with indoor and outdoor light. Instead of dealing with a graveyard of dead batteries, this is a greener option. And there's a USB-C charging port too if you're in a pinch. 

4 of 15 GHSP

This ultraviolet light could kill the coronavirus in cars

GHSP introduced a new Grenlite ultraviolet light treatment system at CES that kills pathogens in your car. The tech is already used in emergency rooms and commercial vehicles, but the company is working on integrating it into personal vehicles, too.

5 of 15 Nobi

Nobi lamp can call for help if your grandparents fall

One of the most difficult parts of the coronavirus pandemic has been not being able to see loved ones -- especially elderly relatives, who are at higher risk for the virus, or are living in care facilities. To help ease the worries of families and caretakers, the Nobi lamp can help keep a watchful eye. The Nobi lamp's sensors can tell if you're in bed or sitting on the couch. Most importantly, the lamp can tell if there's been a fall and can call for help if needed.

6 of 15 iMedSync

iSyncWave helmet could detect Alzheimer's dementia

Alzheimer's dementia is a heartbreaking disease without a cure. A new helmet from iSyncWave is expanding on other research and study efforts to make electroencephalogram (or EEG) technology more accessible. The portable brainmapping helmet can detect early signs of Alzheimer's dementia and provide LED therapy for dementia, as well as Parkinson's disease, PTSD, ADHD, depression and other neurological issues. 

For more, check out the most important health tech of CES 2021.

7 of 15 Alarm.com

A touchless doorbell

With hand-washing being one of the first lines of defense against the coronavirus, it makes sense that we're more cautious about the items we touch. Alarm.com has a new doorbell that doesn't require you to press it. The device uses video analytics to ring itself whenever it sees someone standing on your mat.

8 of 15 Tatch

Tatch wearable could help you sleep better

In health tech, Tatch's new wireless wearable attaches to your stomach and chest -- like a sticker -- and monitors your breathing and snoring, and how restful your sleep is. The sensors can track positions and how those impact your overall sleep. It can't detect sleep apnea yet, but the company says it's working on that for the future. 

9 of 15 BioIntelliSense

BioButton COVID-19 screening

The BioButton, by BioIntelliSense, is an FDA-cleared wearable vital signs monitor that scans for COVID-19 symptoms. You can wear it for up to 90 days -- 30 days for continual monitoring of vital signs. The device is about the size of a silver dollar and can continuously monitor temperature, respiratory rate and resting heart rate. 

Gentex Mirror-Integrated DVR
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Gentex Mirror helps keep your eyes on the road

The more high-tech the world gets, the more imperative it is that drivers stay focused on the road. Gentex is adding a video screen under your rearview mirror's glass meant to help you keep tabs on passengers, aid in the event of a crash and ultimately keep you from needing a bulky dashcam. 

11 of 15 Razer

Razer Project Hazel is a smart mask with a UV sterilizer

Razer is getting in on the mask market with its concept for a high-tech N95-class face mask. So far, Razer's mask could sport active ventilation and autosterilization, a separate case for wireless charging and a UV sterilizer. The mask would have replaceable filters and rechargeable ventilators on the pods for sustainability.

12 of 15 Omron

Omron VitalSight keeps your doctor in the loop

Amid the coronavirus, making sure your doctor is in the loop about your heath is crucial -- especially when visiting the doctor's office can be a big source of anxiety. Omron VitalSight is a blood pressure cuff and hub combo that uploads results to a doctor automatically. 

13 of 15 AirPop

AirPop Active Plus smart mask tracks your breathing

The AirPop Active Plus is a smart mask that comes with a sensor that tracks your breathing and mixes it with local air quality data to identify when you need to replace your filter. The masks will be available this month for $150.

14 of 15 LG

LG InstaView refrigerator sanitizes your drink

LG showed off an upgrade to its InstaView refrigerator line at CES 2021: A new fridge with a glass door that opens via voice command, and a water dispenser that uses UV light to sanitize your drink.

15 of 15 Oticon, Inc.

Oticon More hearing aid uses AI to help you hear

The Oticon More hearing aid uses a deep neural network to pick up more sounds.

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