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A spotlight on smart LEDs

If you're looking to spruce up your home lighting situation, these smart LEDs can do much more than your basic bulb.

All 10 of them have apps for remote access and some can even change color and integrate with IFTTT. Click through the gallery to find out if any of these smart bulbs have a place in your home.

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Belkin WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set

This smart LED kit isn't available just yet, but it will retail for 130 bucks and come with two white-light-only bulbs, a Wi-Fi hub, IFTTT compatibility, and integration with the existing Belkin WeMo app.


GE Link Connected LED

GE's new Link bulbs are its first foray into smart LED territory. A starter kit with a hub and two A19 bulbs retails for $50, and individual bulbs go for $15 each, with BR30 and PAR38 options available as well, all exclusively through Home Depot.


iLumi Color Tunable LED Smartbulbs

iLumi is a crowd-funded project that's been on our radar for awhile. Currently, it offers an A21 bulb for $90, and a PAR30 bulb for $100. Both can switch between white-light and RGB.

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Insteon LED Bulb

With just 591 lumens, Insteon's smart LED is on the dim end of the output spectrum. But, if you're looking for something that lands between a 40W and 60W replacement, these $30 8W bulbs with a 52,000-hour lifespan aren't a bad choice.

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Lifx Multicolor Smart LED

Lifx's $99 smart bulbs have built-in Wi-Fi chips so no extra hub is necessary. That does mean that each bulb will cost more, though, so if you plan to get a lot of LEDs for your home, Lifx isn't the most cost-effective option.

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Philips Hue Connected Bulb starter pack

Philips' color-changing bulbs are ZigBee-enabled LEDs that come in a $200 starter pack of three along with a hub. Although pricey, the app is well designed and it can switch to a wide range of colors, including the standard incandescent white. Oh yeah, they're also compatible with IFTTT.

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Philips Hue Lux LED

Philips Hue Lux is very similar to the Philips Hue bulbs, except that they don't have color-changing capabilities. Two white-light-only LEDs and a hub come standard in the $100 starter kit.


Samsung Bluetooth-enabled Smart LED

Samsung's new smart LEDs have Bluetooth tech, meaning that they're supposed to work within range of your smartphone. These white-light LEDs have a color tuning feature, so you can adjust color temperature as you see fit.

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Tabu Lumen LED Color Smart Bulb

Tabu's Lumen bulb runs on Bluetooth 4.0, so there's no hub required. Still, the bulbs cost $70 each, and they don't work with IFTTT. They're also dimmer than Philips Hue bulbs -- closer to a 40W replacement than the Hue's 60W replacement stats.

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Tabu LuMini LED

The LuMini is the, well, mini version of the Tabu Lumen. Each bulb costs $35 and it's RGB-only, so it won't replicated the color of an incandescent bulb. It's a more affordable option for smart color-changing mood lighting.

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Connected by TCP Wireless LED Lighting Kit

This LED kit is among the most affordable we've seen. For your $110, you get three white-light LEDs and a hub. Additional bulbs cost just $17. It doesn't come with advanced automation options, but it's a solid option for basic remote lighting control.

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