Look at this amazing smart-home tech for kitchens

Robot chefs! Sinks that appear -- and disappear! Cups that defy gravity! Want a smarter kitchen? Here it comes.

Joal Ryan
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A robotic kitchen!

Kitchens are getting smarter and smarter. Check out this amazing kitchen tech, some of which is available now, some of which is coming soon and some of which is at the fundraising or concept stage.

This master-chef-level kitchen robot -- which can record your hand movements as you make a recipe, re-create that recipe on its own later and then clean your stovetop afterward -- is the star of this concept from Moley.

2 of 24 LevitatingX via Facebook

A cup that floats in midair!

Availability: Preorder.

The Levitating Cup hangs above a base thanks to electromagnetic suspension. As of this writing (toward the end of February), the LevitatingX Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to start in a little less than a week.

3 of 24 PancakeBot

A 3-D-printed pancake!

Availability: Now.

Meet the first printer to automatically dispense pancake batter directly onto a griddle. Pancake designs can be loaded onto the PancakeBot via SD card. Want to see the pancakes people are already designing? Of course you do.

4 of 24 CoffeeRipples via Facebook

A coffee-foam printer!

Availability: For sale to specialty coffeehouses in the United States, Canada, Korea, Singapore and parts of China.

The Ripple Maker also does David Bowie -- and a whole bunch of other faces and designs. And while it's not currently available for home use, a techie can dream.

5 of 24 LG Electronics USA via PRNewswire

A refrigerator that's an open book!

Availability: Now.

Just knock twice on this LG fridge with InstaView, and you get to peer inside... without ever opening the door.

6 of 24 ChocoEdgeLtd via Facebook

A 3D chocolate printer!

Availability: Now.

Why eat chocolate, when you can eat art produced by your Choc Creator V2.0 Plus 3D printer?

7 of 24 Patrick Holland/CNET

Robots that make lattes... and more!

Availability: Concept design.

As we've reported, coffee- and tea-dispensing robots were the rage of CES 2017.

8 of 24 @offmat.tech via Facebook

A supersmart countertop!

Availability: Design concept.

The sink basin appears and disappears with the wave of a hand. Scales, charging stations and an induction range are built into the stone top.

9 of 24 SmartPlate

A plate that doesn't let you get away with anything!

Availability: Crowdfunded, said to be shipping first set of orders in March.

Billed as "the world's first Intelligent Nutrition Platform," the AI-powered, smartphone-paired SmartPlate TopView analyzes what you put on it (up to three separate items), and lets you know what you're looking at carb-wise, calorie-wise and otherwise.

10 of 24 Chris Monroe/CNET

An AI egg that knows its stuff!

Availability: Preorder.

The Hello Egg plans, organizes and talks you through your meal prep. All while staring at you.

11 of 24 Griffin

A toaster that cares!

Availability: Spring-summer 2017 for $99.99.

The Bluetooth-equipped Griffin Technology Connected Toaster helps makes personalized toast a thing. Once you've dialed in your preferences, the app remembers how you like it.

12 of 24 Electrolux

A spoon that knows how much more salt!

Availability: Concept design.

This prize-winning utensil idea is a "taste indicator" -- give the Tastee a "taste" of your dish, and it'll tell you what you need to kick it up a notch.

13 of 24 Panasonic

It's a table! It's a microwave! It's both!

Availability: Concept design.

Another bright idea from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, this Panasonic brainstorm is a table that can cook your food on your plate.

14 of 24 Liftware

Utensils that change lives!

Availability: Now.

Liftware spoons and forks use stabilizing technology to help people with tremors and other motion issues be self-sufficient at mealtime.

15 of 24 TopBrewer via Facebook

A built-in, smartphone-controlled coffee spigot!

Availability: For installation in offices in New York City and New Jersey as of mid-2016.

The TopBrewer is about the closest you can get to mainlining caffeine into your system.

16 of 24 Electrolux

A coffeemaker that reads palms!

Availability: Concept design

The idea is this: Place your hand on the machine called Memory, and it'll make your drink just the way you like it... because it recognizes you and remembers your preferences.

17 of 24 Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Bar-code-reading appliances!

Availability: Summer 2017.

Here's the concept of Whirlpool's Scan-to-Cook appliances: Scan the UPC codes on your groceries, then let your smart kitchen cook them according to the instructions on the boxes.

18 of 24 Juicero via Facebook

A push-button, cold-juice presser!

Availability: Now, in all of California, plus "most" of Arizona and Nevada. Nationwide service planned.

Just pop in the prepared packs of organically sourced fruits and veggies, and you've got insta-juice from your Juicero.

19 of 24 Cat2see via PR Newswire

A cat-food feeder that puts the human in charge!

Availability: Meow.

The Cat2see kit, which includes a camera that lets you check in on Tabby via your smartphone, releases kibble on a schedule that you've determined.

20 of 24 Ethan Miller/Getty Images

A cooktop that anticipates... and informs!

Availability: Design concept.

This Whirlpool kitchen display not only senses when a pot is on its cooktop and needs heating, but boasts an interactive, recipe-noting backsplash.

21 of 24 Perfect Bake

It's a scale that puts teaspoons out of business!

Availability: Now.

The Perfect Bake connects to recipes on your smartphone, and tells you when you've added the right amount of ingredients.

22 of 24 Panasonic USA

A smart fridge for your saké!

Availability: Concept design.

This Panasonic concept "talks" to your food refrigerator, finds out what ingredients you have for a proper meal and then matches you with the right saké.

23 of 24 Balmuda via Facebook

Don't call this thing a toaster!

Availability: Shipping in March 2017... if you live in Japan.

The Balmuda steams and heats bread, making toasty, tasty bread that's crispy on the outside and soft on inside.

24 of 24 Electrolux

A fridge fit for Star Trek!

Availability: Concept design.

The Teleport Fridge envisions a fridge that, as billed, teleports food from the store or farm to your home.

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