Look upon this app-enabled toaster. Look upon it and weep.

Griffin Technology

Whenever someone speaks disparagingly about the smart home, they'll often express their skepticism with a pejorative reference to a hypothetical internet-connected toaster.

People, I've found this toaster -- or the latest attempt at it, at least.

The magical device comes by way of Griffin Technology, a self-described manufacturer of "useful and fun solutions." And, if your problem is poorly toasted bread, then boy, do they have a solution for you.

It's called the Connected Toaster, and it boasts a Bluetooth radio and a smartphone app. It costs $100 (which converts to roughly AU$140 or £60). It is not a joke. Its sole mission is to toast your favorite breads and bagels to crusty, app-enabled perfection. Sync everything up, and you'll be able to dial in to the precise toast settings you're craving with just a few taps. And, should the need to toast bread ever arise once more, never fear -- the app will remember your preferences.

Of course, an untouched rotary dial is pretty good at remembering your preferred setting, too. Just sayin'.

Still, in fairness, $100 actually isn't that terribly outrageous for a nice-looking, high-end toaster. In fact, we've tested and reviewed designer toasters that cost as much as $500. No apps for any of those, though.

And after all, this is CES. If it ain't broke, put Bluetooth in it.